About Us


The Young School community ensures life-long learning and social competency through dedicated teaching and learning.


Nineteen classrooms, an art room, gym, computer lab and library complete the make up of our building along with a health room with our full time nurse, the principal’s office, parent center, cafeteria and other small offices that include Occupational and Physical Therapy rooms comprise this single oasis on a side street.  One of our most precious gifts—the courtyard, (our “Hidden Treasure”), is a most favored space and widely used by all teachers.  It is completely enclosed, accessible only through the building, with flowering trees, shrubs and plantings done by teachers and students, and -- a frog pond as one of the focal points. Students enjoy the opportunity to plant flowers, observe nature and enjoy the ambiance while reading and studying.  Recently, our parents and staff worked together to provide a playground area with swing sets and slides, as well as basketball hoops. A softball field and tennis courts sit on our property, and classes in these areas are offered through the Town Recreation Department.    


The Martin E. Young School was built in 1967. Our building was named for a former Selectman and community member of Randolph, Martin E. Young. All the basic subjects were taught: English, math, science, social studies, as well as the Second Step Program—a curriculum that provides education in social-emotional skills. Title 1 services and English Language Learner instruction are also provided to our students.  Today, the Martin E. Young School is also home to our Sheltered English Immersion classes (SEI) and students in our Developmental Learning Center (DLC),  both programs hosting students district-wide.